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Saturday, 17 August 2013 - 10:46 pm

Food for thought - Beautiful Advice

I KNOW I haven't blogged for a loooong time, I have so many things in life that I should've blogged. But once in a blue moon I come across a beautiful article that inspires me, and I would like to share that with you:

This article talks about some advice for men who are married, but is not limited to only this group of people. Love is universal, I think it works both ways. So it can be applicable to anyone in a relationship, and ladies - you too.

CLICK: Beautiful advice from a divorced man after 37 years of marriage

Points 1 & 3 & 4 are SO important. All relationships enter a honeymoon phase within the first few months of dating. No quarrels, no arguments, no disagreements. How good would it be if this phase lasts forever? It's not impossible. Some couples DO experience no arguments at all!

All you have to do is to keep Points 1, 3 & 4 close at heart. All men behave as gentlemen and do the sweetest things they have and can ever do when they court a woman (and vice versa) But when they manage to get hold of her, some of them simply stop doing the sweet things they used to do when they were courting her. DON'T BE that kind of person. This CAN differentiate between a not-so-good relationship and a GOOD one! Choose the latter!

"1. Never stop courting. Never stop dating. NEVER EVER take that woman for granted. When you asked her to marry you, you promised to be that man that would OWN HER HEART and to fiercely protect it. This is the most important and sacred treasure you will ever be entrusted with. SHE CHOSE YOU. Never forget that, and NEVER GET LAZY in your love."

A relationship dies down if both parties stop doing what they were doing when they first started out. It is easy to forget about making your partner feel loved when you're already together for so long - but what harm does it bring upon to your relationship if you could make both of you love each other more? Continue to give kisses, little gifts, big gifts, surprises, and do all the sweet gestures you used to do when you first started out. A relationship can only get stronger with this, not weaker.
"3. Fall in love over and over again.  You will constantly change. You’re not the same people you were when you got married, and in five years you will not be the same person you are today. Change will come, and in that you have to re-choose each other everyday. SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO STAY WITH YOU, and if you don’t take care of her heart, she may give that heart to someone else or seal you out completely, and you may never be able to get it back. Always fight to win her love just as you did when you were courting her."
"4. Always see the best in her. Focus only on what you love. What you focus on will expand. If you focus on what bugs you, all you will see is reasons to be bugged. If you focus on what you love, you can’t help but be consumed by love. Focus to the point where you can no longer see anything but love, and you know without a doubt that you are the luckiest man on earth to be have this woman as your wife."
"10. Fill her soul everyday… learn her love languages and the specific ways that she feels important and validated and CHERISHED. Ask her to create a list of 10 THINGS that make her feel loved and memorize those things and make it a priority everyday to make her feel like a queen."

This is true, because each woman has a different way of feeling LOVED - some like a lot of physical affection, some like a sense of financial security, some like lots of space to pursue her own hobbies, some like morning kisses, some like cuddles at night, some like to go on dates every week - find out what her Love Language is and she will feel loved. Ladies, do the same! Some men like it when you praise their good physique, some men like it when you appreciate the little things they do ;)

"11. Be present. Give her not only your time, but your focus, your attention and your soul. Do whatever it takes to clear your head so that when you are with her you are fully WITH HER. Treat her as you would your most valuable client. She is."

A lot of flight crew members, military-men, doctors, lawyers, or other high-salaried professionals often lose their spouses.. Simply because they were never there. Don't be like them, even if you have a busy schedule.. ALWAYS MAKE TIME FOR THEM. If you constantly aren't present for whenever they need you, one day, another person may replace you...

"16. Be fully transparent. If you want to have trust you must be willing to share EVERYTHING… Especially those things you don’t want to share. It takes courage to fully love, to fully open your heart and let her in when you don’t know i she will like what she finds… Part of that courage is allowing her to love you completely, your darkness as well as your light. DROP THE MASK… If you feel like you need to wear a mask around her, and show up perfect all the time, you will never experience the full dimension of what love can be."
"18. Don’t worry about money. Money is a game, find ways to work together as a team to win it. It never helps when teammates fight. Figure out ways to leverage both persons strength to win."

Many parents - including mine, make the mistake of letting money get in their way. I have observed how money destroys relationships - between friends, relatives and family - and I have experienced some myself. But it is not worth it to let it get in the way of you and your significant other. Both of you have vowed to be a team, so BE A TEAM! Be generous to give and be generous to receive. If possible, follow the 60/40 RULE ;) (I've read about this somewhere, but I can't remember where - so I'll drop a random Google-searched link about the rule!) Money can be an angel, but it can be a devil too. It is your choice to decide which personality it takes.
"19. Forgive immediately and focus on the future rather than carrying weight from the past. Don’t let your history hold you hostage. Holding onto past mistakes that either you or she makes, is like a heavy anchor to your marriage and will hold you back. FORGIVENESS IS FREEDOM. Cut the anchor loose and always choose love."
This is honestly one of the best articles about relationships that I've ever come across. The advice given weren't rocket science - they were simple, but not everyone follows them. This is what good relationships should be based upon. Although this was written from the perspective of a divorced man - I, as a female - can affirm the truth about most of its context and contend to mostly what was written. Remember, this is applicable to ladies and non-married individuals too, so feel free to READ THE FULL ARTICLE - hopefully this can help some of you :))

- 5:39 pm

Say NO to KFC!

I know I haven't posted here for a long time. But I have one thing I'm urging to say! That is:

I HAVEN'T EATEN A SINGLE MEAL OF KFC FOR 7 MONTHS!! (The whole of this year)

I used to eat a lot of KFC back a few years ago, because I loved the chicken - but I know it's VERY unhealthy as their chicken are almost twice the size of normal chickens. Something must be wrong, even though the food chain never mentioned how the chickens got SO big. I'm proud of myself today, 7 months without KFC is a pretty huge feat to me :P

My favourite food from KFC is probably the Black Pepper Chicken (introduced a few years ago, but is no longer available now) and the Cheese Fries!

Maybe I'll have a meal in the beginning of next year, but all i know is, I'm proud of myself for abstaining from KFC for such a LONG TIME! HEHEHE ^_^

Wednesday, 26 June 2013 - 12:38 pm

Health is wealth

Been eating healthy lately :) Beginning to feel the effects and beginning to look really good :) People have been saying I look skinnier :) next step is to shed the fats and turn them into muscles! Been eyeing on the yoga club at school recently.

Going for my first live concert, Under The Stars, this Friday. It was an unforeseen expenditure, never thought i'd spend this kind of money for a concert. Kinda excited about it, will upload photos if I have any good ones!! ;)

- 12:37 pm

Love yourself first before letting others in

Friday, 10 May 2013 - 10:35 am

Love thyself

Embrace yourself. Love yourself. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013 - 12:34 am

Friday, 3 May 2013 - 3:57 am